If we’re going to truly end racism in America, we have to exorcise it from our culture. Established in 2021, The Doing Better Foundation is the philanthropic arm of our brand, Let’s Do Better, which uses the proceeds from our products and private funding to financially empower individuals and organizations committed to creating a more just society for Blacks in America.

Direct Impact

We must all do our part in helping the community. Unlike larger organizations that use major funding on creating their own large (much needed) initiatives, we wanted to focus redirecting our funds to smaller organizations and empower their preexisting initiatives at the community level. We choose organizations that receive less than $100,000 in annuals funds to hopefully create more direct impact.

Scholarship Fund:

In addition to our direct support of grassroots organizations we give an annual scholarship, awarding $10-20k in tuition to one graduating senior committed to creating a more just society for Blacks in America.

Let’s do better x Lichen Collaboration

How Doing Better Foundation
Empowers cultural change:

We believe culture is racism’s natural environment.
And so racism’s
insidious persistence in every part of American life is a direct result of the symbiotic relationship it has with culture.

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