Culture is racism’s natural environment. And racism’s insidious persistence in every part of American life is a direct result of the symbiotic relationship between the two.

We believe that today’s youth culture is tomorrow’s American culture. If you want a better future, you’ve got to connect with the next generation today.

The core language of the next generation is product. In an increasingly visual, social media-centric world, product is how we signal our identity and values.

We know that products are a powerful way to engage people with a story, an issue, new ideas and values. If we’re going to truly end racism against Black people in America, we have to exorcise it from tomorrow’s culture.

That’s why we created Let’s Do Better: to help end racism against our people through cultural change.

Through vivid storytelling and creative product we aim to build the necessary empathy and understanding needed to inspire future generations to want to create a more just society for the Black diaspora in America.


Let’s Do Better.